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Smokefree SC is a partner of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control. We bring together stakeholders from throughout the state to share information, learn together, and partner on initiatives that help reduce the use and impact of tobacco products in our state. We hope the resources below are beneficial to you. Please contact us if any questions are not answered.

SC Tobacco Partners Listserv

SC Tobacco Partners listserv is a forum for SC tobacco prevention and control stakeholders to share resources, information, programs, and events.

        Join the SC Tobacco Partners Listserv

South Carolina State Tobacco Plan

Eliminating the Toll of Tobacco Products in South Carolina: 2021-2026 State Plan

The State Tobacco Plan covers 4 Goal Areas - 1) Protecting Youth, 2) Increasing Secondhand Smoke Protections, 3) Reducing Adult Tobacco Use, and 4) Strengthening Statewide Infrastructure. Each goal area includes  objectives and recommended activities for organizations and groups that want to be part of protecting South Carolina from the harms of tobacco use.

View/download 2021-2026 State Plan PDF                 Order 2021-2026 State Plan hard copies


View/download 2015-2020 State Plan Evaluation PDF


Policy Advocacy

View model policies that are useful to coalitions and other groups working on policy change in their local communities.

SC DHEC County Profiles

SC DHEC's Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control recently published updated Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free County profiles for each county in South Carolina. These profiles can be found here. Learn more about the SC DHEC Division of Tobacco Prevention and Control here.

View DHEC's Map of County and Municipal Smokefree Work Places in SC

Health Outcome Data By Congressional District

The Congressional District Health Dashboard includes 35 metrics for all 435 U.S. Congressional Districts. It gives data regarding health outcomes and social determinants of health (including smoking) for each individual district selected in a search bar. The Dashboard was created by a team in the Department of Population Health at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, in partnership with and support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


SC CAN Quit facilitates the implementation of tobacco treatment as a standard of care in all SC cancer centers. Reducing tobacco use in cancer patients can improve cancer treatment outcomes and reduce the risks of secondary cancer development.

The aim of implementing tobacco treatment as a standard of care is to assure that every cancer patient:
1) is screened for tobacco use, 2) is advised to quit if they are a smoker, 3) is entered into evidence-based tobacco cessation services or programs, and 4) receives follow-up regarding quitting efforts. The
 primary project partners are the Medical University of South Carolina, South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control, and the University of South Carolina. 

          View CAN Quit Project Summary

Smokefree SC Professional Education: Annual Summit

We host a statewide conference every spring on a significant topic of interest for tobacco control and other public health stakeholders. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or presenting at a future conference.

          View recordings of past Smokefree SC Summits

Do You Want To Quit Smoking/Vaping?

There are many cessation resources. Click here to learn about different options that may work for you. It's important to remember that quitting can be very difficult; research suggests that some people make up to 30 attempts before they successfully quit. Just because you haven't been successful in the past, doesn't mean you shouldn't try again!  

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