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2019 Public Health Law Center Report: Policy Recommendation

Addressing Student Commercial Tobacco Use in Schools

“In conclusion, using punitive measures like suspension and expulsion to penalize student violations for a school commercial tobacco policy is not reasonable, considering the targeted marketing, science of addiction, and long-term consequences associated with expulsion and suspension.”

Alternative Measures to Suspension 
Effective solutions to school policy violations focus on education about nicotine and addiction to help youth succeed in quitting through rather than punishing them. Recommended educational resources for schools include:

CATCH My Breath Free School Curriculum

  • Meets Several National Academic Standards

  • Short, Easy-to-Use Lessons

  • Includes: Teacher Presentations & Peer- Facilitated Group Work 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Short Interactive

Presentation for Students

with Talking Points

for Presenters

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Offers choices of 1, 5, 8, and

10-session curriculum

with facilitator instructions

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