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Resources for Schools

The most effective ways for schools to help address the youth vaping epidemic are:

  1. Offer an alternative-to-suspension (ATS) program for tobacco policy violations

  2. Offer evidence-based tobacco and vaping education to all middle & high school students

  3. Develop and implement non-punitive school policies that educate youth about tobacco and nicotine addiction and offer quitting resources designed specifically for teens

Alternative-to-Suspension Programs
Interactive program that
teaches teens about the
dangers of nicotine dependence.
Online, self-paced, 40-60 minute program for students to complete independently.
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Tobacco and Vaping Education for Youth 
Ten sessions using
small group format with
interactive learning activities
Short lessons that
meet several National Academic Standards
Digital sessions for
8th-12th Graders  available through EVERFI
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School Policy Recommendations & Guidelines
Model policies for smokefree and tobacco-free schools
including policy violation recommendations.
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